Pile Protection & Repairs

What happens to exposed timber piles?

Every unprotected timber piling in the water will be attacked from marine termites. Once a termite has infiltrated an unprotected piling it’s only a matter of time before the entire structure will become infested, weaken and collapse just in a few years. The most noticeable presence of the termites is at the tide zone.
Max Marine Services gives you a full protection and multi layer wrap. We wrap your pilings all the way down into the sand line.

The piles protection includes:

  • Petrolatum Tape
  • HDPE plastic jacket
  • Smart Band Clamping products

Piles maintenance is far more cost effective, as it is much cheaper to protect an existing pile than it is to install a new one. There are many regulations about approvals, which are required if you want to install new piles. These approvals are time consuming and costly to obtain. Undertaking remedial works rather than building a new jetty will save you time and money.

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