Marine piles repair & protection

Piles protection system is ideal for timber, steel and concrete piles. Proven in the commercial marine and offshore oil industries for many years.  It is the effective and economical way to prolong a lifespan of marine piles.



As long as man has launched wooden boat or built wooden structures in the sea, he has suffered from the activities of shipworms and other marine boring animals. Every unprotected timber piling in the water will be attacked from marine wood borer. Once a marine wood borer has infiltrated an unprotected piling it’s only a matter of time before the entire structure will become infested weaken and collapse just in a few years.

Piles protection is far more cost effective, as it is much cheaper to protect an existing pile than it is to install a new one.



Piles protection system is ideal for aggressive inland and offshore environments. The system seals out oxygen and water effectively stopping corrosion on steel surfaces and prevents spalling and corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete piles. The corrosion is stopped by using a proven petrolatum-based tape. The Marine Tape forms an anti-corrosion membrane by displacing water and forming a moisture-resistant bond.

A tough outer HDPE cover protects against weathering and mechanical damage.



Damage of concrete piles is normally caused by surface carbonation of the concrete with the penetration of chlorides (readily present in sea water) promoting rusting of the reinforcement and subsequent cracking and spalling of the concrete cover.  Generally damage has occurred from just below low water through the tidal zone and lessening into the splash zone.