A pile is a long cylinder of strong material such as concrete, steel or timber to support heavy structures built over top. A large number of waterfront structures are supported on piles.


Marine Piles can be constructed of concrete, steel or timber. Overtime the environment in which the pile resides can cause the pile structures to deteriorate or corrode. Most piles are put in larger bodies of water. Severe conditions are often linked to splash zone areas which has the portion of the pile between the low and high-tide water levels. The corrosive nature of seawater can damage marine and waterfront piles.

High concentration of chlorides in seawater overtime corrodes the steel which then impacts the surrounding concrete causing it to crack as well, even the highest quality concrete. Fibre Jacket™ carbon fibre repair system delivers 100% structural integrity and can be installed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Piles maintenance is far more cost effective, as it is much cheaper to protect an existing pile than it is to install a new one. Undertaking remedial works rather than building a new jetty will save you time and money.