Max Marine Services is the leading Hull Cleaning Service in QLD and NSW, offering unequaled expertise in underwater hull cleaning and boat maintenance.

We save you both time and money by keeping your boat or yacht clean and perfectly maintained, without ever having to leave the pen.

Comprehensive Clean

  • Cleaning of all sub-sea hull surfaces (Up to and including waterline)
  • Cleaning of all running-gear (Propellers, trim tabs, legs/drives, water in/outlets)
  • Comprehensive hull condition report provided (Including high quality before and after photos)

Maintaining a clean hull and underwater anodes replacement mean your vessel needs much less time on the slip. With regular in-water maintenance, many of our clients cut their slipping intervals by as much as 70%.

Whilst slipping your vessel is something that can’t be completely eliminated, by maximizing your slipping interval, you save yourself hundreds of dollars and hours of time.

Why clean your boat underwater?

  • Improve performance of your vessel
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increases the useful lifetime of anti-fouling paint
  • Keep eye on anti-corrosion precautions such as zinc anodes monitoring and installation*
*Our Divers are trained in corrosion control and problem recognition and a diver report is forwarded to management and you are informed accordingly.

Your boat is in a perfect feeding and breeding ground for organisms such as the tube worm, which are small coral-like strands that grow on unpainted areas of your boat, or areas that have weak anti-fouling paint. The worms rapid growth and colonization can seriously affect the performance of your vessel, especially during the summer months.
This wide spread growth will attach to your waterline and exposed trailing edge area of your boat, making your boat look unsightly.  If your vessel is not cleaned on a regular basis, you will use a considerable amount of extra fuel (20 – 25%) getting to your destination, overheat engines due to lack of water flow into cooling systems and possibly not having adequate safe control of your vessel.