Underwater Hull Maintenance

Why clean your boat underwater?

  • Improve performance of your vessel
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increases the useful lifetime of anti-fouling paint
  • Keep eye on anti-corrosion precautions such as zinc anode monitoring and installation*
max marine services underwater hull cleaning*Divers are trained in corrosion control and problem recognition and a diver report is forwarded to management and you are informed accordingly.
 We don’t advise customers to perform underwater cleaning themselves—it’s not only a frustrating and dangerous experience, but also leads to poor quality work.  We use the best and gentle products to clean your hull so that your expensive paint coat is not adversely affected.

Your boat is in a perfect feeding and breeding ground for organisms such as the tube worm, which are small coral-like strands that grow on unpainted areas of your boat, or areas that have weak anti-fouling paint. The worms rapid growth and colonization can seriously affect the performance of your vessel, especially during the summer months.
This wide spread growth will attach to your waterline and exposed trailing edge area of your boat, making your boat look unsightly.  If your vessel is not cleaned on a regular basis, you will use a considerable amount of extra fuel (20 – 25% tests show) getting to your destination, overheat engines due to lack of water flow into cooling systems and possibly not having adequate safe control of your vessel.

FAQ’S Hull cleaning
max marine services hull cleaningQ: What does the diver do besides cleaning?
A: Max Marine Services divers inspect your boat as they clean. Divers are trained in corrosion control and problem recognition, a diver report is forwarded to management and you are informed accordingly.
Q: What do you clean my boat with?
A: For hull cleaning we use four different types of non abrasive cleaning pads, each one corresponds to the condition of your anti-fouling paint. If your paint is excellent, we use very soft cotton like cleaning pad, as your paint gets thinner over time, the grade of pad gets slightly courser. Our very careful treatment of your paint will help your paint last as long as possible. We use dry wall scrapers to remove hard growth from unprotected areas such as props and shafts, and wire-brushes and steel wool on metal areas only.
Q: How often do I need to clean my boat?
A: Once every 4-8 weeks, if a boat has enough anti-fouling properties left in the paint (usually in the first twelve months). During the summer, 3-4 week cycles begin on boats with weak anti-fouling paint and we also clean props, shafts, trim-tabs and intakes. Boats with aluminum stern-drives need the drives and trim tabs cleaned mid-cycle (every 4 weeks) all year. Aluminum drives unfortunately cannot be painted with regular anti-fouling paint (used on hulls) due to the paints chemical properties attacking the aluminum and causing a corrosion reaction, only special paint can be used. The paint has very weak anti-fouling properties and is very thin, making it’s life minimal.
Cleaning programs can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you may choose to have the waterline and trim-tabs cleaned mid cycle (every two weeks) during the summer. Some customers choose to have their boat cleaned every week. It’s really up to you!
Q: How am I billed?
A: A before&after video/photo report and invoice will be sent to you via e-mail. Payment can be made by online transfer, PayPal, cheque or cash.

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